Devin Hoff is a bassist, composer and arranger who has worked with: 

Julia Holter, Nels Cline, Sharon Van Etten, Shannon Lay, Cibo Matto, Ben Goldberg, Yoko Ono, Marc Ribot, Joshua Redman, Jewlia Eisenberg, Amiri Baraka, Mike Watt, Kira Roessler, Tim Berne, Good For Cows, and many others


Devin has played thousands of shows on 5 continents, including several major rock and jazz festivals, recorded on over 100 releases, and written and performed music for film, dance and theater.

Hoff has also released three albums of solo and multi-tracked contrabass material—Solo Bass, Baile as Baile, and Sigils— and performs internationally as a solo artist.

“ His approach to playing bass (and music in general) is truly special—a combination of rich gliding-tone melodic+harmonic sensibility and an incredibly steady and focused inner pulse.” 

—Julia Holter (in gorilla vs. bear takeover)



"Each of these pieces is like a long lost song buried somewhere in our collective memories. This is not a case of showing off how many weird sounds one can make on their bass, but a way to reach inside and touch us with some universal melodies or short stories. Much of this is closer to folk music than to jazz, often being elegant, touching and thoughtful...As Devin strums his bass, it is like an entire rock band churning out their own hypnotic melody. This disc is a particularly strong solo effort, it sounds like so much more than just solo bass."  — Downtown Music Gallery Magazine