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devin hoff

voices from the empty moor (2021)

baile as baile (2019) 

sigils (2018) 

solo bass (2008) 

sharon van etten

we've been going about this all wrong (2022) 

porta (single/2022)

used to it (single/2022) 

femme fatale (single/2021)

shannon lay

geist (2021) 

living water (2018) 

emma goldman bust out brigade

(mike watt, joe berardi, devin hoff) 

emma goldman bust out brigade 



(john dieterich, yasi perera, josiah wolf, devin hoff)

touch (2020)


(kira roessler, devin hoff)

in progress (2019)

julia holter

aviary (2018) 

in the same room (2017)

have you in my wilderness (2015)

loud city song (2013) 

marc ribot

songs of resistance (2018)

miho hatori

miss info (2018)

new optimism (2018)

tara jane o'neil

tara jane o'neil (2017)​


mountain moves (2017) 

nels cline

lovers (2016)

dirty baby (2010) 

new monastery (2006)​

nels cline singers

initiate (2010)

draw breath (2007)

the giant pin (2004)

instrumentals (2002)

good for cows

audumla (2010)

10th anniversary concert (2008)

bebop fantasy (2004)

less than or equal to (2003)

good for cows (2001)

ben goldberg

subatomic particle homesick blues (2013) 

the door, the chair, the hat, the fact (2006) 

general elektriks

good city for dreamers (2009)

mary halvorson, jessica pavone, ches smith, devin hoff

calling all portraits (2008)

steven bernstein

diaspora suite (2008)


fred frith, darren johnston, larry ochs, ches cmith, devin hoff

reasons for moving (2007) 


plays monk

plays monk (2007)  

howard wiley

angola project (2007) 


to each according... (2004) 


charming hostess

sarajevo blues (2004)

carla bozulich

red headed stranger (2003) 

odessa chen

archives of the natural world (2014)

the ballad of paper ships (2007)

one room palace (2003)



getting prepared for being late (Aram Dildar, 2018) 

i am your itch (Vanessa Soudan/Bailey Nolan 2017) 

giap's last day at the ironing board factory (Steven Okazaki, 2015) 

look at the sun (Brent Hoff, 2008) 

let me down easy (Anna Deveare Smith, 2008) 

(co-composed w/Joshua Redman) 


i'll be your mirror (2021)

(soundtrack, 'femme fatale' w/sharon van etten)

cruel and unusual; black panthers fighting for justice in prison (2017) (Howard Wiley, composer) 

bleed through this (2016) (Julia Holter, composer)

gare du nord (2013) (Marc Ribot, composer)

sons of a gun (2008)

lost in the fog (2008) 

on screen

approximately nels cline (2014) 

noisy people! (2007)


austin city limits (w/Sharon Van Etten 2020)

ellen! (w/Sharon Van Etten 2019)

jimmy kimmel (w/Sharon Van Etten 2019)

jimmy fallon (w/Sharon Van Etten 2019) 

NPR's tiny desk 

(w/Sharon Van Etten 2019)

(w/Julia Holter 2016)

(w/Nels Cline Singers 2010)

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