Sad sign of the times:


So, apparently I sometimes get trolled online (and probably irl too, though never directly to me of course) by a minor indie rock figure who likes to body-shame me and talk shit about the fact that my partner of 4 years is Jewish (which for some reason this person has a problem with and tries to twist into something ugly, which I think says more about them than about my relationship).

It scared me offline for awhile, but maybe now more people can see what can happen when some people get angry; no insult or lie is too low to cover their sense of pride (though I truly do not know what set the person in question against me in the first place). 


I have survived actual abuse, so the online/grapevine variety is both trivial and painfully (though livably) familiar. Hopefully anyone who sees (or possibly hears)  this person's slander could look at their track record with former employees/bandmates and take it for what it is (I am far from the only one to be trash talked by this person/“band”).

 Ah well, such is life in the age of the interwebs.  

(And yes I do have time-stamped screen captures and of at least some of the abusive and bizarre online behavior.)